• How can we motivate our participants to sell?

    Peachtree will do it for you! We lead an exciting, school-wide student assemble to kick off your fundraiser. All the marketing materials are provided by us, free of charge and include posters and scripted fundraising announcements.

    We know that the key to a successful fundraiser is participation. We make sure we motivate every child using our unique incentives to ensure your fundraising success.

  • How soon can I start my fundraiser?

    Right Away! Right away! Just contact your Peachtree representative and we will help you select your kick-off, fundraising, and delivery dates and meet with you to give you everything you need to get started fundraising.

  • Is there a delivery charge?

    All deliveries are free when they follow Peachtree’s delivery process.

  • When is payment due?

    Payment is due within 5 business days of your organization receiving the invoice.

  • Could you explain your delivery process?

    Our delivery process is hands off for your organization. Our delivery truck will arrive at the time scheduled and we will unload all the pallets and boxes for pick up.

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